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Islamabad (; Urdu: اسلام آباد‎, Islāmābād) is the capital city of Pakistan, and is federally administered as part of the Islamabad Capital Territory. Islamabad is the ninth largest city in Pakistan, while the larger Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the country's fourth largest with a population of about 7.4 million. Built as a planned city in the 1960s to replace Karachi as Pakistan's capital, Islamabad is noted for its high standards of living, safety, and abundant greenery. The city is the political seat of Pakistan and local government setup is run by the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, supported by the Capital Development Authority .

A blogger shared this in a post, "I recall two signs from my time as a journalist while stationed in Islamabad. One, which you saw as you exited the Islamabad airport and took a left on the main capital highway, read ‘Welcome to Islamabad. THE capital city’. Then there was another that stayed in my mind which said ‘Islamabad the beautiful’. In my time there and later, I have heard many Islamabad jokes which includes one about how dead the city is as compared to a graveyard and how it is 20 kilometres from Pakistan.

Now I can safely say that these jokes were minor and that the worst joke played on the city is the Islamabad International Airport. Two weeks back, I arrived at the airport for the first time and praised it — giving allowance for its shortcomings because it was newly opened. I had hoped things would get better. Last week, I had the misfortune of visiting again and I will share with you my experiences. It seems things are going from bad to worse."


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